Sunday, September 24, 2017

Russia Reveals Footage of US Forces Embedded with ISIS

This report cannot possibly come as a surprise to anyone!
The Russian Defense Ministry released aerial footage of the Daesh positions north of Syria's city of Deir ez-Zor that showed the US equipment deployed in the area.

The photos posted on Russia's Defense Ministry's Facebook page on Sunday show equipment that is being used by the US special forces.

"The aerial photographs, taken on September 8-12, 2017 in the areas of Daesh troops' deployment, detected a big number of US Hummer armored vehicles, used by the US Army's special forces," the ministry wrote on Facebook.
#USA #Syria
#US Special Operations Forces (#SOF) units enable US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (#SDF) units to smoothly advance through the ISIS formations.

Facing no resistance of the ISIS militants, the #SDF units are advancing along the left shore of the #Euphrates towards #Deir_ez_Zor.
No automatic alt text available.
"Despite the strongholds of the US armed forces being located where Daesh militants are currently deployed, there are not even signs of the organization of a battle outpost. This shows that all the US servicemen who are currently there, feel completely safe in the areas under the terrorists control," the ministry outlined.

Saturday, September 23, 2017

The US backed SDF takes Large Portion of Syrian Oilfields from US backed ISIS

Unless you've been asleep & have been reading any where else but here you would be unaware that this is a repeating pattern. The Kurds, on too many occasions to recount, have seen ISIS completely melt away, or the Kurds simply give ISIS a free pass at just the most opportune time. The ISIS walk away always allows the Kurds to take territory and resources- Water as just one example- Tabqa dam: Kurds Allow ISIS to Leave Tabqa & "Live to Fight Another Day"  Oil, most recently. The taking of the oil fields of Deir ez Zor - sees the same pattern, the one that has played out for years now, repeat itself yet again.

Yesterday it was reported that the oil fields were aflame.

Yes, it’s SOHR- But I have no doubt that “ISIS” would take undertake this type of action.

Image accompanying SOHR article
The smoke would hide nearly all that was taking place on the ground, conveniently
“SOHR hasn’t received information so far whether this fire is caused by burning the oil fields by the organization or burning holes filled with oil to confuse the warplanes and surveillance aircraft.  The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights published on the 19th of September 2017 that the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights learned that the flames have been raging for more than three hours in the largest gas field in Syria, the Koniko gas field, of which the regime forces are about 5 km away, the Syria Democratic Forces are about 13 km away”

 According to SOHR, SDF was 13 kms away and yet through all this smoke and fire they were able to “take the fields” from ISIS. From a distance more then double that of Syrian army? Through all the fire and smoke? Well, they are the best and fiercest and most blah, blah, blah fighters...

U.S.-backed forces on Saturday seized a major natural gas field in Syria’s Deir al-Zor province from Islamic State militants

US-backed SDF says it took Syria's largest gas field from IS

U.S.-backed Syrian fighters captured Saturday the country's largest gas field from the Islamic State group in an eastern province that borders Iraq as they race with government forces to capture the energy-rich region, a senior official with the group said.

Another SDF spokesman, Brig. Gen. Talal Sillo, said the fighting in the area left 65 IS fighters dead while more than 100 gunmen surrendered.

Of course I don’t believe Gen Talal Sillo, what so ever. It’s most likely no ISIS fighters are dead. Though they may have some oil field workers/random poor sod bodies to drag around and claim they are ISIS- and no one surrendered from the US backed ISIS to the US backed Kurdish militias either.
Sillo said that SDF fighters marched toward the field from the nearby village of Khsham under the cover of airstrikes by the U.S.-led coalition.

Like I said they’ll have some bodies to drag around as props.

At the moment, nearly 80 percent of oil resources in Deir ez-Zor are under IS [Daesh] control. As regards gas deposits, almost all of them are still under control of terrorists. All the plants and gas fields, which I refer to, are located on the other side of the Euphrates [the northern part of Deir ez-Zor] — this is Conoco, Omar, Jafra, Al-Isba and Tanak, and most gas processing plants are also located there."

The representative noted that the infrastructure of gas fields had been significantly damaged.

"According to our data, the terrorists have completely destroyed the infrastructure in the Omar and Tanak gas fields, a part of the facilities in Conoco have been destroyed as well…  Reconstruction of gas fields' infrastructure is possible, but the damages may be assessed only when we are able to visit this places and hold careful examination," Hamid said.

  Flashback to 2014- When I first wrote about the symbiosis between the Kurds and ISIS

Friday, September 22, 2017

Turkey To Deploy Troops to Idlib Per Astana Agreement

Part of the bigger picture..

"NEW YORK, Sept 21 (Reuters) - Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan said on Thursday Turkey will deploy troops in Syria's northern Idlib region as part of a so-called de-escalation agreement brokered by Russia last month.

The "de-escalation" zones, agreed by Turkey, Russia and Iran, would be further discussed in talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin during his trip to Ankara next week, Erdogan said in an interview with Reuters while he was in New York for the annual United Nations General Assembly.

"The de-escalation zone agreement was a promising idea ... under which Russians are maintaining security outside Idlib and Turkey will maintain the security inside Idlib region," Erdogan said. "The task is not easy ... With Putin we will discuss additional steps needed to be taken in order to eradicate terrorists once and for all to restore peace."

Another Day, Another Israeli Strike on Syria


It's amazing to me how under reported the expose on massive 2.2 Billion dollar, scratching the surface, US gun running in the vicinity of the ME is? Or how just dribs and drabs of it come through in varying reports? Without explaining the scale/scope of this operation... I thought it quite an exercise of creating a both a convoluted paper and real world trail to discourage anything concrete being put together and yet- somebodies managed to shed some light on what is surely a vastly larger gun running scale, by their own admission, then they could expose! Gotta give them credit for taking the time and doing the digging!

It's covered relatively extensively in this nearly ten day old post:

The Pentagon’s 2.2 Billion Arms Pipeline Flooding Syria- German & Czech concerns?

Another Day, Another Israeli Strike on Syria

Israeli forces are reported to have carried out attacks from outside the Syrian border early on Friday, according to the Lebanese Al Mayadeen. It said the strike led to a fire, with no casualties or disruptions at Damascus International Airport reported.
Pictures allegedly showing the moment of the attack have emerged online on Arab and Hebrew-language social media.- see images at RT link

According to Israeli media reports, there were three separate strikes.

Meanwhile, footage that reportedly captured Syria’s air defense forces responding to the strike was uploaded on Facebook. The air defense forces are said to have shot down one of the missiles.


An airstrike of probable Israeli origin launched two missiles at a civilian airport in Syria's capital, Damascus early on Friday morning, Lebanese TV station al-Mayadeen reported.
A source at the airport spoke to Prensa Latina, saying that nobody was hurt in the attacks, and little damage was caused.
The explosions resulted in fires in several areas which were quickly extinguished, and the sound of the explosion could be heard around Damascus.
Al-Masdar News reported that a Syrian military source said that the Syrian Air Force has shot down an Israeli drone near the Damascus province border shortly after the attack.



US & Russian Militaries Hold Face to Face

According to US reports. Reports which were made after the fact.
Military Times

Senior American and Russian military leaders met for an unprecedented, face-to-face session somewhere in the Middle East this week to discuss the increasing tensions around one of the remaining Islamic State strongholds in Syria.

Syrian government forces, Russian special forces and U.S.-backed militants are all battling ISIS around the oil-rich Deir el-Zour province.

The meeting, however, also suggests an expanded U.S. and Russian effort to coordinate their efforts, raising questions about how the Pentagon ISIS adhering to an American prohibition against military-to-military cooperation with Moscow. Congress enacted that law in the wake of Russia’s annexation of the Crimea region of Ukraine in 2014.

Army Col. Ryan Dillon told Pentagon reporters on Thursday that U.S. and Russian general officers shared maps, graphics and information about where their forces are battling around Deir el-Zour. He would not provide details on when or where the meeting occurred, beyond saying it took place in recent days somewhere in the region.

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Russian Defense Ministry: No Tolerance for Shelling of Syrian Army from US & Kurdish Proxies..

Continuing with the very dynamic situation in Syria

 Recent Minimal background:

* Wednesday Sept. 20/2017 - Idlib, Syria- US initiates attacks- Russia and Syria Eradicate US Proxies

US/Trump & Israel: First “official” US Military Base Opens

*Tuesday Sept 19/2017- US Led Coalition & KurdIShIS Proxies Attacking Syrian Army, Impeding Terrorism Fight

*Sunday Sept 17/2017-Head of YPG/PKK /SDF “Damascus Declared War on Us”


Russia has communicated to the US it will not tolerate this activity. Russia has it’s own special forces embedded alongside Syrian army they are not willing to take casualties.

“The Syrian governmental troops have been shelled twice from the areas on the western bank of the Euphrates controlled by the Syrian Democratic Forces and the US military,” Konashenkov said.”

Konashenkov said that Servicemen of Russia’s special operations forces and Syrian Arab army units are currently working together to destroy ISIS terrorists , adding that Russia warned a representative of the US command in Qatar, that “any attempts of shelling from the areas where the militants of the Syrian Democratic Forces are based will be immediately curbed.”
In this Friday, Sept. 15, 2017 photo, a Russian soldier stands guard as a military helicopter takes off at an airport in Deir eI-Zor, Syria. (AP Photo)

Konashenkov also made another statement regarding that KurdIShIS symbiosis

“Defense Ministry Spokesman Igor Konashenkov said on Thursday that Russian monitoring and reconnaissance means haven’t recorded over a week any clashes between ISIS and SDF groups depite the latter have entered many ISIS areas.”
Military Times

“Syrian forces have twice come under massive mortar and rocket artillery fire coming from the areas on the eastern bank of the Euphrates where SDF fighters and U.S. special forces are deployed,” Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Maj. Gen. Igor Konashenkov said in a statement.
See previous post regarding these US/Kurdish attacks
“Attempts to open fire from SDF-controlled areas would be immediately met with retaliation,” he said. “The firing positions in those areas will be immediately destroyed with all the arsenal at our disposal.”

Both sides are seeking to expand their control of the province bordering Iraq. Many oil fields, including al-Omar, Syria’s largest, are scattered on the eastern bank of the Euphrates River.
 Just a reminder, before the US and their KurdIShIS proxies began the destablization- Deir ez Zor was, and to my mind, still is a province of Syria.. US/Kurdish plans for annexation aside.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Idlib, Syria- US initiates attacks- Russia and Syria Eradicate US Proxies

Hell, there is so much going on! I gotta tear myself away from the news out of Syria and the wider region. It’s been a brutal 24 hours in Idlib.
 Idlib. An actual demilitarized zone. Rebels participated in Astana talks.
Agreed to by Russia, Iran, Turkey, will the participation and understanding of the Syrian gov. alongside the rebel representatives.
Covered here: Russia says Close to Syria Deal with Turkey, Iran
The deal was done. An uprising was fomented with the encouragement of the US, absolutely undoubtedly. The timing is too relevent to what is occurring presently in Syria
 SAA and allies make advances in Deir ez Zor.- Coincidence? I think not.
Attempt to distract SAA from their advances in Deir ez Zor? Definitely!
 The US is claiming SAA has breached their claimed demilitarized zone- The US, in my opinion, claims one third of Syria as a no go zone- Unlawfully, illegal and immorally. 

Not that the Usrael concerns itself with those things.
Idlib:  850 jihadists killed as Russian warplanes help Syrian Army repel Idlib offensive
 Russian warplanes and Syrian forces have repelled an offensive by jihadists in a de-escalation zone in Idlib governorate in Syria. The forces killed some 850 militants and destroyed 11 tanks and other assets, Russia’s General Staff reported.

The jihadists attacked the positions of government forces stationed to the north and northeast of the city of Hama. The positions are part of a designated de-escalation zone, which covers Idlib governorate, the powerbase of a number of anti-government armed groups in Syria, the Russian military said.

The Russian General Staff said the militants tried to capture a unit of the Russian military police, which have a mandate to monitor the ceasefire in the Idlib de-escalation zone. The unit was forced to fight against a larger enemy presence for several hours, but prevailed thanks to the support of a local militia.

The Russian command in Syria ordered an operation to repel the militants’ assault, including airstrikes and a ground offensive conducted by the military police and special operations forces, General Sergey Rudskoy, spokesman for the Russian General Staff, added in the statement.

The Russian unit was successfully rescued. Three troops from the special operations forces were injured, but the Russian forces suffered no fatalities, Rudskoy said.

The General Staff said the jihadist offensive had been stopped. The militants’ estimated losses include some 850 fighters, 11 tanks, three infantry fighting vehicles, 46 armed pickup trucks, five mortars, 20 freighter trucks and 38 ammo supply points.

The statement says Syrian government forces supported by Russian warplanes launched a counteroffensive and recaptured territories previously seized by the jihadists.
"Despite agreements signed on September 15 in Astana, al-Nusra Front terrorists and allied militants, who do not want to uphold a cease-fire, launched a strong offensive on the positions of the government troops on September 19 to the north and northeast of the city of Hama in the Idlib de-escalation zone," the General Staff's statement said.

The militants' attack was "initiated by US secret services to stop the successful advance of the government troops to the east of Deir ez-Zor," it adds.
A Russian military police unit of 29 personnel was encircled as the militants sought to capture it and was repelling the attacks for several hours together with a local tribe that had signed a cease-fire agreement. A group of Russian Spetsnaz and Syrian special operations forces came to the rescue, backed by Su-25 strike fighters. The military police unit broke the siege and left the area. Three servicemen were wounded.

The Syrian Army, supported by Russian warplanes, launched a counterattack and have almost completely reclaimed their positions in the Idlib de-escalation zone. The operation to destroy terrorists will continue, the General Staff said.
 Send good thoughts to the Mexican people:

2nd Powerful Mexican Quake- Devastating Damage

 hattip to anonymous commenter!

Repost- Trump's Presidency: A Dangerous Deception

This was initially posted January 18/2017:

Trump's Presidency: A Dangerous Deception

For some reason this 10 month old post feels very timely. We have the US openly supporting terrorists in Syria- in order to destroy yet another nation.

We have the establishment of an "official" base of operation in Israel along with the new Iron Dome battery becoming operational

I shudder to think where this might be heading.........................

Briefly revisiting the January post:

I wrote about the psychology of influence.
Personally speaking here. I've never been a believer in "the Donald" as the leader of any sort of grassroots/populist movement. Nor do I buy the common presentation of the media being opposed to him. I'm also not a fan of the whole 'deep state' is against Mr Trump. I see the psychology of influence at play. Link
 The response to scarcity is, like the other weapons of influence, often a shortcut which usually pays dividends. And we are prompted to react because a missed opportunity is a loss of freedom.
Donald Trumps Slogan "Make American Great, Again"

American's would loathe the missed opportunity of making America great, again

  The theory of psychological reactance developed by Jack Brehm states that "whenever free choice is limited or threatened, the need to retain our freedoms makes us desire them (as well as the goods and services associated with them) significantly more than previously" (245). We react against anything that threatens to limit our freedoms. A plexiglas barrier placed between 2-year old boys and a toy prompted them to make special efforts to obtain that toy rather than another one without a barrier.
The media created the plexiglass barrier and the masses reacted

After the initial intro a lengthy article and interview from William Engdahl was included. 

Engdahl: "I state clearly my conviction, and please recall this as Trump Presidency policies unfold after January 20, 2017 to see if I am correct or not: Donald Trump was put into office to prepare America for war, a war the banks of Wall Street and the US military industrial complex are not presently in a position economically or industrially or otherwise, geopolitically, to win. His job will be to reposition the United States for them to reverse the trend to disintegration of American global hegemony, to, as the Dick Cheney, Paul Wolfowitz Project for the New American Century put it in their September, 2000 report, “rebuild America’s defenses.” 
 Donald Trump was put into office to prepare America for war...... 

That is one way that Trump can"make America great again" Rally around the flag. Fire the rhetoric and get the emotions flowing. Hell, an idea of making America great, a belief in making American great can substitute for really, truly making America great. 

Healing the sick culture. Healing families.  Real healthcare. Not sickness creation and profiteering. Strong people. Healthy people. Cohesion. That what makes a nation strong.
Trump never promised any of that. He uttered feel good phrases and little more

You can revisit that old post? Or not. It's your choice entirely. I, however, would feel remiss if attention wasn't drawn to that specific information at this specific time.

Send good thoughts to the Mexican people:

2nd Powerful Mexican Quake- Devastating Damage

US/Trump & Israel: First “official” US Military Base Opens

Had this saved from yesterday:
United States opens first official outpost in the Jewish state, with operations starting on Monday following a ceremony
Meaning the US has unofficial outposts in Israel. Clearly!
The base started operating Monday following a ceremony at the end of last week to inaugurate the facility that included Israeli and American military personnel. It will operate independently from within an Israeli military base in southern Israel that houses an air Defence school, according to the Israel Defence Forces.

Several dozen American soldiers will be stationed at the base.

“For the first time the flag of the United States, our most important ally, will be raised in an IDF base,” Brigadier Gen. Zvika Haimovich, the IDF’s head of Air Defence, said in a statement. “This expresses more than anything the long-standing partnership and the strategic commitment between the countries and the armies.”

The opening of the base comes a week after a new Iron Dome anti-missile battery became operational.

“There is no coincidence between the two events,” Haimovich said. “They add another layer to the Defence of the State of Israel against the high-trajectory threats that surround us from near and far.”

Planning for the U.S. base began two years ago.
It's not a coincidence that planning for this official base began two years ago either!

I’ll spare everyone the video available at the link.
Trump Meets Netanyahu via the Press Office. Typical tripe.

President Donald J. Trump and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel met today in New York to reaffirm the unbreakable bond between the United States and Israel. The President underscored the unwavering commitment of the United States to Israel’s security. The two sides discussed their continued cooperation across a range of issues and stressed their goals of countering Iran’s malign influence in the region and resolving the Syria crisis in a manner consistent with American and Israeli security interests. They also discussed their continuing efforts to achieve an enduring Israeli-Palestinian peace agreement, the optimism in the region about peace, and expanding economic opportunities to improve conditions for peace. The President assured the Prime Minister that under his and Ambassador Haley’s leadership, the United States will oppose unfair treatment of Israel at the United Nations.
"resolving the Syria crisis in a manner consistent with American and Israeli security interests"

No concern for the Syrians, Iraqis, Turks, Iranians- It's all about Israel, Israel 2.0 & the US.  All that claimed democracy bringing.... Gone!

2nd Powerful Mexican Quake- Devastating Damage

Pancho Villa has asked that we send prayers and good thoughts to the Mexican people after their 2nd terrible earthquake.  I'm mustering all I have amigo. And surely many others are sending their heart energy your way. Stay strong. Stay safe.

Tragedy comes in so many ways............... 

New Scientist:

Mexico has been rocked by its second big earthquake in less than two weeks and could be hit by more.

The magnitude 7.1 earthquake struck central Mexico just after 6pm local time on Tuesday. Its epicentre was located 120 kilometres south-east of Mexico City at a depth of 51km.

Dozens of buildings in Mexico City collapsed and over 200 people are reported dead.

The latest tremor came 11 days after a magnitude 8.1 earthquake occurred off the coast of southern Mexico, killing 98 people.

Both quakes were sparked by heightened tension between the Cocos tectonic plate, which borders the western coast of Mexico, and the North American tectonic plate. As the Cocos plate slid underneath its North American neighbour, it fractured in two different places, known as faults.

“What happened yesterday was most likely a tearing motion in the subducting Cocos plate,” says David Rothery of the Open University in the UK.

The two fractures were several hundred kilometres apart, suggesting the 8 September earthquake did not trigger the 19 September one, says Stephen Hicks at the University of Southampton in the UK. “They were both caused by bending and tension in the Cocos plate, but in different ways. The second earthquake was not an aftershock but a separate quake entirely.”

It is unclear why the two tectonic plates are currently clashing so violently. The depth of the subduction zone – where the Cocos plate is thrusting under the North American plate – makes it difficult to assess how the strain is building up, says Hicks.

The danger is that the two tremors will prompt more, says Hicks. “It’s possible they have increased the stress on nearby faults,” he says. “I also suspect that the magnitude 7.1 earthquake will have its own aftershock sequence, which of course presents a significant hazard.”

According to the US Geological Survey, there have been 19 major earthquakes recorded within a 250km radius of the latest quake. Exactly 32 years ago, on 19 September 1985, a collision between the Cocos and North American plates caused a magnitude 8.0 earthquake that devastated Mexico City and killed 10,000 people.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

US Led Coalition & KurdIShIS Proxies Attacking Syrian Army, Impeding Terrorism Fight

Breaking news!
Exactly who the terrorists are can no longer be hidden by the always obfuscating main stream  media and their lying alternative media partners.
I've added additional info regarding tactics employed by the PKK/YPG/SDF against the Syrian's in there quest to retake their territory- scroll down

via Sputnik
"The Syrian Army, fighting terrorists in the Deir ez-Zor province, has been subjected to strong counterattacks from the north where Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and US special task units are operating, the Russian Defense Ministry's spokesman Mj. Gen. Igor Konashenkov said on Tuesday.
"Over the past day, the assault groups of the Syrian government troops, with the support of the Russian Aerospace Forces, crossed the Euphrates, and continued to expand the seized bridgehead east of Deir ez-Zor, despite the stiff resistance of Daesh militants," Konashenkov told reporters.
Attacked by Daesh militants coming from the sanctuary, safety and security of the US and their proxy Kurds. Oh, my, imagine my shock!
"According to Syrian commanders' reports from the front line, the Syrian Army encounters the most severe counterattacks and fire from the northern direction. That is, where SDF forces and US special operations units are located, who are allegedly administering medical aid to these militants instead of liberating Raqqa. You don't have to possess profound military knowledge to see consistency in all these 'coincidences'," the spokesman said.
 That is so hilarious! You definitely don't have to possess profound military knowledge to see the freakin' obvious! Oh, yeah, I am not a coincidence theorist, never have been, never will be. 
Have I mentioned that before ;)
 "As the end of Daesh in Syria comes ever closer, the more obvious it becomes who is really fighting Daesh and who has been imitating the fight for three years. If the US-led international coalition does not want to combat terrorism in Syria, then it should at least not impede those who are doing it continuously and efficiently."

"the more obvious it becomes who is really fighting Daesh and who has been imitating the fight for three years"

Additional info begins here: Via SANA

Mj. Gen. Igor Konashenkov
“The closer the end of the ISIS in Syria, the clearer it is who is really fighting with the ISIS and who has been imitating this fight for three years. So, if the US-led international coalition does not want to fight against terrorism in Syria, let it just be out of the way of those who are doing it continuously and effectively.”

Repeating from that extended quotation- part of which is in the earlier info above:

 So, if the US-led international coalition does not want to fight against terrorism in Syria, let it just be out of the way of those who are doing it continuously and effectively.”

The Kurds employed water as a weapon against the SAA:
He noted that water discharges from the Euphrates dams by the armed groups supported by the US hamper the advance of Syrian Arab Army units in their operations against terrorism in the surroundings of Deir Ezzor province.
Thus, the water situation on the Euphrates has deteriorated dramatically in the past 24 hours. As soon as the Syrian government troops began to cross the river, water level in the Euphrates rose within hours and the current velocity nearly doubled to two meters per second,” he said.
“Since there have been no rains, the only source of such changes in the water situation is man-induced water discharge at dams upstream the Euphrates. These facilities are held by armed groups controlled by the US-led coalition,” he stressed.
 I've written several posts about the situation with the dams...


Yet, again!. Sweet, sweet vindication. Not that I needed the Russian General to validate that which has been obvious to me, though obfuscated by others, for some time now.

Recently: Head of YPG/PKK /SDF “Damascus Declared War on Us” 

 So, call the terrorists ISIS?. Or rebrand them SDF? Makes no difference-
Both ISIS and YPG/PKK/SDF (pick your brand/rebrand) have always had the same agenda.
Stealing territory and setting up their own administration(s). Call it a ‘caliphate?’ Rebrand it “Rojova” for Syria? Rebrand that to Greater Kurdistan if the ISIS/Kurds can join the annexed territory of Iraq and Syria?
Six of one/half a dozen of the other (two ways of describing the same dam thing!)

  Flashback to 2014- When I first wrote about the symbiosis between the Kurds and ISIS

From earlier today:

*Also Scott @ Willy Loman blog has written a must read all encompassing piece regarding the situation in Syria and beyond -  Scott has been the only other blogger, beside myself, writing about the regional remake including the push for an Israel 2.0. aka Kurdistan. I was completely unaware of his work until a commenter tipped me off- and thank goodness for that! It was getting lonely- being derided and marginalized- Then I had Scott to get derided and be marginalized with- hehehehe..

As Syrians Recapture “Rojava” from Our Newest “Freedom Fighters”, the Covetous Deep State Jockeys for War by Any Means Necessary

Canadians Trust in Science News is “dangerously low”

Canadian trust in any news is likely dangerously low. Canadians need to realize the lie pushing by the media originates, regarding science news, in the politicized scientific community itself ! 
That's the real problem.

Thankfully most people aren’t believing the lies and agenda pushed via the always perception managing media- I am surprised and very relieved by this report and have had some faith in the Canadian populace restored.

Eight of ten Canadians are concerned “fake news” is damaging the public perception of science while nearly one in three Canadians  don’t understand or trust science reported in the news, according to a new survey.

Furthermore, four out of ten Canadians believe that science is a matter of opinion, while three in four believe scientific findings can be used to support any position, according to the Ontario Science Centre’s second annual Canadian science literacy survey.

Nearly half of Canadians believe the science behind global warming is unclear.

Unclear? Most of it is  down right created! Computer models..
Computer models gone awry last covered in the post -  Warm Antarctic Caves Harbour Secret Life & 91 NEW Volcanoes Beneath Antarctica’s Ice
"Canadians are also concerned that news media may lack the credibility to communicate scientific issues, said Dr. Maurice Bitran, CEO and Chief Science Officer, Ontario Science Centre.
Breakdown in trust

The media lacks credibility to communicate much of anything that doesn’t push an agenda - endless unquestioning unending war is just one credibility issue the media suffers from. One of many.

The survey shows nearly seven in ten Canadians believe that science is reported selectively to support news media objectives and six in ten Canadians believe that science coverage is presented to support political positions"

Six and Seven out of Ten Canadians- Hallelujiah!
“This breakdown in trust has serious consequences for Canada because our future health, prosperity and security all depend on making important, sometimes difficult, decisions based on scientific findings,” Bitran said in a statement.

“If we don’t trust the sources, or don’t understand the information we are receiving, we can’t make informed decisions.”
If the sources are skewed- we can’t trust the information. If the sources are skewed we can’t make informed decisions.
"While eight out of ten Canadians want to know more about science and how it affects our world, about one-third consider themselves science illiterate, according to the online survey conducted by Leger between August 15th to 16th, 2017, and released during Science Literacy Week"
I don’t consider myself a science illiterate. I can read and reason better then most.
“The findings of this 2017 survey demonstrate a vital role for authentic scientific voices in public education on critical issues that affect public policy and human health and wellbeing,” Bitran said.
An authentic voice? So, we need an appealing spokesperson? Like Ronald McDonald?
Gee, I thought we already had  that clown David Suzuki for that!
This is pure appeal to a perceived authority figure. 
We need authentic, real, observable, quantifiable, repeatable science.

Peer Review = Conspiracy

Another recent example of media lying to push an agenda

Another AGW Lie Bites the Dust: "Climate Change Fuelled Syrian War"

The media pushed that lie full throttle! Main stream and so called alternatives...

“There is no sound evidence that global climate change was a factor in sparking the Syrian civil war,” said University of Sussex Professor Jan Selby, one of the study’s co-authors, in a statement.

“It is extraordinary that this claim has been so widely accepted when the scientific evidence is so thin.”
How can the always perception  managing media be trusted when it  promotes the lies pushed by the politicized scientific community? 

Related from yesterday:

If Our Planet Was A Mere Fraction Further From the Sun It Would be Never Ending Ice Age

Monday, September 18, 2017

If Our Planet Was A Mere Fraction Further From the Sun It Would be Never Ending Ice Age

Yet, according to the carbon cult flunkies the sun is not a factor, major or otherwise, in our climate. That is ABSURD!

 More on the infantile mindset of this crowd after the main news.....  

Take note of the size of our earth relative to the Sun- Fortunately we are at just the right distance :)
Wired changed their spin headline to one that related a bit more to actual content- 
check the url for yourself ! We're lucky Earth isn't caught in a permanent Ice Age

Why are we lucky? Because we are at the ideal distance from the Sun! 
Too far from the sun- Too cold
Too close to the sun- seems sensible it would be too hot
" If we were just a fraction further from the Sun, life on Earth would be very different... or probably non-existent"
 The Earth might be more special than we previously thought. ( I already know the Earth is very special) A new scientific study has found that if we were just a fraction further from the Sun, our planet would be locked in a never ending Ice Age.

The findings, published in the journal Earth and Planetary Science Letters, will help us understand what criteria to look for in Earth-like exoplanets.

For years, scientists have discovered a huge amount of evidence that shows the Earth is the perfect place for life.

“It has a magnetic field that protects us from the solar wind,” says Martin Turbet, from Sorbonne Universitésin Paris. “It has an ozone layer that shields us from UV light, it has the right amount of water on the surface for both lands and oceans to exist.”
Controversial billboard? Not according to this report. Not according to what is obvious and in your face.

Turbet and his colleagues have found another factor to Earth’s list of exceptional qualities.

“We show in fact that the Earth is just at the right distance from the Sun to be able to escape from episodes of complete glaciation, that - we know - must have occurred 2.4Gy and 700My ago,” he explains. "Move the Earth away from the Sun by only 15 per cent, the team found, and it would be permanently frozen."
In fact....

Just the facts

vs Wild Speculation:
We had some clues that CO2 condensation could occur on cold planets, and that it could affect the ability of Earth-like planets to escape from episodes of complete glaciation,” Turbet says, “but no-one has ever been able to quantify it.”
Wild speculation aside- If our perfect home was just a little further from the sun it wouldn't have that 'location, location, location' appeal that makes it such a desirable residence! 

 Getting to that infantile mindset...

Recently Canada's Thought Police decided different opinions were sacrilegious.

 Via the "Competition Bureau"(now that's Orwellian) a group/bandwagon of phony greens,  employing appeal to their authority, simply “demanded” they be shown as fools. And they were. To bad most Canadian's didn't realize they were shown to be fools! Their outing occurred when the competition bureau dropped the phony green instigated PR stunt investigation. 

Truly, doing that motley crew a favour. Sparing them the outing they so richly deserve though just the dropping of the investigation makes clear this demand was going nowhere.
        "After careful consideration of the facts in this case," she said in an email, "and to ensure the effective allocation of limited resources, the commissioner of competition decided to discontinue this inquiry."
The dropping of the "investigation" was done very quietly.
These included billboards from the Friends of Science Society featuring statements such as “Global Warming? Not for 18+ years!”(just a fact) and “The sun is the main driver of climate change.(just a fact) Not you. Not CO2.”
The Sun.. If we were just a little further from it, we'd have a never ending ice age.

Disinfodesmogblog was more then happy to promote this PR stunt to his carbon cult- What else could one expect from a public relations outfit connected to Al Gore's carbon trading scam?

 One can draw a straight line ...From Al Gore's Investment Management to Desmog Blog

If we want to talk about vested interests.. 

Yup, Canada, under ice..

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Head of YPG/PKK /SDF “Damascus Declared War on Us”

This news was published about 12 hours ago according to the site. (It’s 2:30 pm est)
Head of the Kurdish People’s Protection Units Siban Hamo condemned the Syrian regime or Russian shelling of a Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) position east of the Euphrates River, questioning how they can target forces that have been combating the ISIS terrorist group.

He told Asharq Al-Awsat that the shelling is a
“declaration of war.”

Siban Hamo condemns either or both the Syrian regime/Russian Shelling of SDF east of the Euphrates by claiming this is a “declaration of war”

Pretty certain that the news from two days ago had the Kurdish terrorists declaring war on Syria. Let’s go back to my previous post and reread the threats made by PKK/YPG on the 15th of September..

“Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) has the right to fight in any area under Daesh (IS) control in Syria and liberate it,” he said.

“We do not allow the regime or its militias to cross to the eastern riverbank.”

 So, two days ago the YPG/PKK/SDF (pick your brand) were threatening the Syrian army as they move to retake Syrian territory. Sure sounds to be a declaration of war. Today the YPG/PKK/SDF (pick your brand) are claiming Syria taking it’s territory back is a “declaration of war” against the YPG/PKK/SDF (pick your brand?)

“Russia says that it wants to combat terrorism, so why is it fighting an effective side that is working against the terrorists?” he wondered.

Therein lies the “BIG LIE” the one that’s been spread by so many— the Kurds fighting ISIS - working against terrorism- BIG, BIG LIE

Russia and Syria have have been fighting destabilizing/annexing terrorists all along.
And they've been the most effective, best fighting force against terrorism!
"The report published Wednesday by the London-based IHS Jane Terrorism and Insurgency Centre, one of the world's leading security analysis agencies, says 43 percent of ISIS's battles between April 1, 2016 and March 31, 2017 were fought against the Syrian military and its allies, which include Russia, Iran and pro-government militias. Meanwhile, the U.S.-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), a majority-Kurd coalition of Arabs and ethnic minorities, accounted for 17 percent of the action against ISIS.

So, call the terrorists ISIS?. Or rebrand them SDF? Makes no difference-
Both ISIS and YPG/PKK/SDF (pick your brand/rebrand) have always had the same agenda.
Stealing territory and setting up their own administration(s). Call it a ‘caliphate?’ Rebrand it “Rojova” for Syria? Rebrand that to Greater Kurdistan if the ISIS/Kurds can join the annexed territory of Iraq and Syria?

Six of one/half a dozen of the other (two ways of describing the same dam thing!)

How many ways can one explain that KurdIShIS has been one and the same with the same agenda all along????  Why more people have not grasped this most obvious fact is incomprehensible?!
 "It's easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled"

BTW: Russia has denied bombing the US proxies- Saying they only hit areas under ISIS control
Konashenkov said Russian planes had only carried out carefully targeted strikes in the area based upon information that had been confirmed from multiple sources.

The strikes had only hit targets in areas under the control of Daesh, he said.
READ the direct quote from Konashenkov:

 “To avoid unnecessary escalation, the commanders of Russian forces in Syria used an existing communications channel to inform our American partners in good time about the borders of our military operation in Deir Ezzor,” Konashenkov said.

“In the last few days, Russian surveillance and reconnaissance did not detect a single clash between Daesh and armed representatives of any ‘third force’ on the eastern bank of the Euphrates,” he added.
Russian surveillance and reconnaissance did not detect a single clash between Daesh (ISIS) and armed representatives of any "third force" on the eastern banks of the Euphrates


Saturday, September 16, 2017

UPDATED: Did Russian Airstrikes Intentionally Target US backed Kurdish Fighters?

 It's not so clear! A pretext to justify an American attack on the Syrians is equally possible.

 Corrected the headline for several reasons-  1st: only injuries are being claimed.
2nd- the US is saying Russia intentionally hit the Kurdish militias

UPDATE 5:26 EST : The new headline now reflects the claims of intentional targeting now being made by the US- coming straight from the DoD

SOUTHWEST ASIA, Sept. 16, 2017 — At approximately 12:30 a.m. Greenwich Mean Time today, (3:30 AM Syrian Time- 8:30 pm EST) Russian forces struck a target east of the Euphrates River in Syria near Dayr Az Zawr, causing injuries to coalition partner forces, Combined Joint Task Force Operation Inherent Resolve officials announced. 

Russian munitions impacted a location known to the Russians to contain Syrian Democratic Forces and coalition advisors, the officials said. Several SDF fighters were wounded and received medical care as a result of the strike.
Multinational coalition troops advising and assisting the SDF were present but were not wounded as a result of the Russian strike.

How did the advising and assisting coalition troops get so dam lucky?!! Unscathed from an airstrike?

Russia and the US maintain open deconfliction communications....

The Russian Armed Forces have not provided any comments yet.
However, Moscow has repeatedly claimed that decisions about the airstrikes in Syria are made only after thorough verification of the intelligence data
Commentary: I'm still questioning:
 1- if their were any airstrucks at all?
 2- who exactly carried out the airstrikes? 
3- How did the Coalition advisers who were assisting the YPG/PKK escape the strikes unharmed?
4- Knowing the US is looking for a pretext- will this now be a convenient excuse for "retaliation" against SAA- Who appear to have had nothing to do with this what so ever?

From earlier:

First issue: The Kurdish militias are making the claims- They can claim anything they want. Doesn't make it true. Reuters- and you should pay particular attention to the extremely manipulative language in that article! 
" U.S.-backed militias said they came under attack on Saturday from Russian jets and Syrian government forces in Deir al-Zor province"
Second: SOHR is verifying airstrikes against the Kurdish militia but is not verifying which party struck the US backed PKK/YPG militia. Via Associated Press:
 The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights confirmed the airstrike, but said it was not clear if it was carried out by Russian or Syrian warplanes.
 If SOHR can't identify Russians vs Syrian.  Who can they identify? If anyone?

Let's consider the threats emanating from the US backed Kurds yesterday?

Kurdistan 24
DEIR AL-ZOR, Syria (Kurdistan 24) – The Kurdish-led, US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) on Friday said they reached Deir al-Zor on Euphrates near the border with Iraq, gaining ground in an offensive to retake the city from Islamic State (IS).
The SDF said in an online statement that their forces reached Deir al-Zor city after 48 hours of announcing the offensive named Al-Jazira Storm.
An SDF spokesperson Mustefa Bali told Kurdistan 24 their fighting would extend to any area under IS in Syria.
“Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) has the right to fight in any area under Daesh (IS) control in Syria and liberate it,”  (which just means steal the territory) he said.
From the south of Deir al-Zor, the Syrian regime forces and their allies are advancing toward the city as well.
The distance between SDF and the Syrian regime forces is about 15 kilometres.
The SDF command confirmed they would respond if the Syrian regime forces cross the Euphrates to their areas.
“The Syrian regime forces already bombarded our positions around Tabqa, and if the regime forces attack us here, we have the right to respond and we will do,” Talal Silo, an SDF top commander and spokesperson told Kurdistan 24.
Did the Syrian's attack SDF aka YPG/PKK? Did the Russians attack? Is the claim of bombings airstrikes a pretext, which the US can use to justify, launch airstrikes, against the Syrian National Army?

“We always state that our project is eliminating terrorism,” he said.
According to the Deir al-Zor Military Council, part of the SDF, the operation in Deir al-Zor province aims at capturing areas in its northern and eastern countryside and advancing towards the Euphrates. (land grabbing expansionism- just like their Israeli pals)
Al-Jazira region, located in northeast Syria, lies between the Euphrates and Tigris rivers and contains the provinces of Hasaka, Raqqa and Deir al-Zor.
The term Jazira is also used by the Kurdish administration in Syria’s northern pre-dominantly Kurdish areas (known as Rojava) to refer to the provinces of Qamishli and Hasaka after the Syrian government withdrew from the region in July 2012.
BEIRUT (Reuters) - U.S.-backed Syrian militias will not let government forces cross the Euphrates River in their bid to recover eastern Syria, their commander said on Friday, but Russia said army units had already done so near the city of Deir al-Zor.
Syrian government forces supported by Russian air strikes and Iran-backed militias, and a U.S.-backed alliance of Kurdish and Arab fighters, are converging on Islamic State in separate offensives around Deir al-Zor.
The government side has advanced into the city from the west. Last week, they broke an Islamic State siege of the provincial capital, which sits on the western bank of the river.
The Deir al-Zor military council, fighting as part of the U.S.-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), has meanwhile advanced toward Deir al-Zor from the eastern side of the river since launching an offensive into the province a week ago.
Military council commander Ahmed Abu Khawla warned government forces and their militia allies against firing across the river as his fighters close in -- something he said had happened in recent days.
“Now we have 3 km between us and the eastern riverbank, once our forces reach the area, any shot fired into that area we will consider an attack on the military council,” he said.
“We have notified the regime and Russia that we are coming to the Euphrates riverbank, and they can see our forces advancing,” he said. “We do not allow the regime or its militias to cross to the eastern riverbank.”
But Russian foreign ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said the Syrian army had already crossed. 
I had read that indeed SAA had crossed the Euphrates..


 The Syrian forces, backed by an array of allies, keep fast advancing in Deir ez-Zor fronts against ISIS terrorist group, raising hackles of the Americans who decided to deploy the Washington-backed militias to the strategic city in a bid to not fall behind the other actors in competition in eastern Syria.
The Deir ez-Zor city is located in Syria’s east and is considered a gate to the neighboring Iraq. Major part of the city, except for some small neighborhoods, fell to the terrorists in the initial stages of the Syrian conflict and remained as such to date.
During the past five years, al-Nusra Front, an affiliate of al-Qaeda in Syria, and then ISIS went to great lengths to fully seize control what remained of Deir ez-Zor but tough resistance to the various offensives by the encircled government forces frustrated the terrorist groups’ efforts.

If the terrorists’ push to control the remaining districts of Deir ez-Zor was successful, the whole eastern Syria could have been considered a fallen part of the country, meaning it was almost impossible for the government forces to return and launch a recapturing campaign in the area, according to the analysts.

Fall of the eastern Syria to the terrorists was the US long-standing dream and Americans spared no efforts to realize it, and even occasionally operated as ISIS terrorist group’s air power covering the terrorists’ attacks by air raids to wrest the remaining parts from the army forces. During the past two years, the American fighter jets bombed the Syrian state forces at least twice in Deir ez-Zor, for example, opening the way for immediate anti-army attacks by ISIS terrorists. However, the US failed to materialize goals on the ground as the stiff resistance by the protective forces, especially Lebanon’s Hezbollah, continued to deal blows to the advancing militants. The US claimed that its warplanes meant to target the ISIS forces in the area and mistakenly hit the Syrian army units.

According to the Syrian media familiar with the Deir ez-Zor developments, Hezbollah in June 2016 sent first batch of its elite units to the provincial capital of Deir ez-Zor through a heliborne operation. The deployment came after the Lebanese group showed effective role in the then-ongoing Aleppo recapture operation and at the same time, ISIS considerably stepped up attacks on the government forces trapped in Deir ez-Zor.

Apparently nobody believed the US account that the American jets mistakenly attacked positions of the Syrian army in Deir ez-Zor as the Washington plans and strategy in east of the war-ravaged country were clear to all. The Americans struggled to contribute to full seizure of eastern Syrian regions in a bid to create a wide gap with Iraq on its western border with Syria. This agenda served a bigger goal that wanted to prevent ground connection across the Axis of Resistance’s territories starting from eastern Iran and ending in the western Syria and southern coasts of the Mediterranean Sea.

Analysts argue that the US attempts to foil any route contacts between the Resistance camp’s countries that also include Iraq and Lebanon come to serve the Israeli security. The US concerns even doubled as in late June the Secretary-General of Hezbollah Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah warned that the future war waged by the Israeli regime against Syria or Lebanon could draw thousands of fighters taking Hezbollah side from the allied countries.

Now that Resistance camp’s forces are in Deir ez-Zor and the three-year siege on the government forces is broken, not only the city sees end of daily plight but also the US meets its plans’ heavy failure there. Despite that, it appears that Washington has yet to forsake its dreams as it seeks share in the post-ISIS Deir ez-Zor.

A week after Deir ez-Zor blockade was broken, the American-backed militias, a coalition of Kurdish and Arab fighters dubbed Syrian Democratic Forces, announced launching operation to liberate Deir ez-Zor. The US has repeatedly tried to deploy these forces to the city, but ethnic challenges between the Kurds and Arabs as well as the priority of Raqqa operation, the de facto capital of the self-proclaimed ISIS caliphate, stripped Washington of effective militant force to attack Deir ez-Zor. Now the situation urges the US to send the allied militants, who also have backing of the American troops, to spoil Syrian army forces’ gains in the strategic city.

Nevertheless, analysts suggest that the US-backed fighters are not that ready for combat, unlike the Resistance camp that has cultivated strong resolution to link Syrian borders to Iraq’s, making it unlikely for Washington to see its objectives in Syria’s east realized.
Iraq is pushing towards it's border with Syria as I write this post:
The Iraqi military has launched an offensive to retake a key town on the border with Syria from Islamic State (IS) fighters.
A spokesman for Iraq's Joint Operations Command said on September 16 that forces were moving on the town of Akashat as part of the government's effort to regain control of its border.
SAA and allies are also headed towards the Iraqi border. Southfront
On Saturday, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and Hezbollah launched a large-scale anti-ISIS operation to reach al-Bukamal city at the Syrian-Iraqi border.

And USrael may just need a pretext to block this progress...
The placement of Russian, Iranian and Turkish troops in Syria cannot please the Usrael team- And is very dangerous when thinking in terms of a WW3 scenario